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First (somewhat) Annual Europe View/Navion Meet and Rally


Bamberg, Germany

September 21-23, 2008


Posed in front of the 1,000 year old Bamberg Cathedral are the 3 Views of Chris and Fannie (left), Tom and Judy's Papillon, and Bill and Hana's 2008 J model.

Chris and Fannie are stationed in Bamberg, Bill and Hana split their time between Prague and Ft. Lauderdale and Tom and Judy live in south Florida but wander the world otherwise.  


While in the Campground at CampingInsel in Bamberg-Bug we all had the opportunity to visit with "RV-ers" from Germany, France and the Netherlands.  All of who were amazed at:

1:  American campers in Europe

2:  The Views and the numerous difference from their machines


Future Meets in Europe will be announced.  Any American RV'er should feel free to attend.



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